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Model ab-p7-301r

The abrasive blasting as a finishing process has been successfully utilized on metal, glass, and ceramics, plastic and stone. Its functions include Deburring, descaling, peening, polishing, stress relieving, Deflashing and cleaning .

Portable abrasive blaster pressure feeds the system of abrasive propelling and results in higher production rates. The pressure vessels are tested to 250 psig and coded. Blast nozzles special design and tungsten carbides lined, result in long service life. It is equipped with high static and low weight blast hose. The remote control ON / OFF is in operators' hand and requires no electric connection.

Model P7-301R

A medium capacity model recommended for jobs like fabricated parts, castings, stones, glass etc. The abrasive tank can hold up to 85 litres and the tungsten carbide nozzle is of 6 mm, the blast hose 19 mm with length 5 meters. Its cleaning rate is 5 – 9 sq. meters.

The machine works on pressure blasting principle, consist of a blast generator. The abrasives are filled at the top of machine when machine is not working and blast generator is not pressurized. At the top, a vibrating sieve is provided to sieve the abrasive filled. The oversize abrasive and debris are retained on the screen, thus prevent the choking of blast line. When mushroom valve is opened the abrasive will get transferred to blast generator for blasting. The mushroom valve gets closed when compressed air is switched on and abrasive storage tank gets pressurized, for free fall of abrasive into the mixing tube. From mixing tube the abrasive is carried away by compressed air to the nozzle for blasting. The Blast Generator is fabricated from MS Steel plate of thickness not less than 6 mm as per IS-2825 and hydraulically tested for 250 psi.

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