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Abrasive Blasting Machine

Abrasive Blasting Machine
Blast Rooms are generally provided with P7-501R and P7-1001R models. During the blasting process, the mushroom valve and exhaust valves are closed, the vessel is pressurized and the media is forced out through the feed valve to the nozzle, When the blasting ceases, the vessel is depressurized by opening the exhaust valve. The vessel remains depressurized except when blasting is in process.

The remote control valve provide in the system releases the pressure, stoppping the blasting process thereby ensuring safe working conditions for the operator in case the hose and nozzle drops accidentally.

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

The buckets are of seamless type made of 3.15 mm thick steel sheet. Bucket Elevator is fabricated From Ms material of 5mm Thick at boot section3.15mm thick at trunk and top section, respectively, Aone-piece cast iron pulley; which has been crowned for tracking & rubber lagged to prevent slippage, are located in the boot & head section of the elevator to drive the belt.

All abrasive recovery system inculde three basic functions:

1. Delivering the abrasive which rebounds off the workpiece too a central point.
2. Transporting the abrasive from the central point to an abrasive cleaner.
Removing dust, fines & other unwanted 3. material from the abrasive before it enters the blast machine to re-use.

Mechanical Recovery System
Consists of Bucket Elevator, Abrasive Cleaner & Screw Conveyor System

Pneumatic Recover System
Conssits of Mini Hopper, Plenum, Reclaimer & Dust Collector

Abrasive Cleaner
The media sepration unit is an air wash rotary screen seprator which receives all media and debris from blasted work piece by the bucket elevator. Contaminants are removedby rotary screen & are discharged through a chute. the finer contaminants are abrasive that passes through the screen then cascade over the air wash where fine contaminants and small abrasive particles are removed Reusable abrasive falls in the machine.

Screw Conveyor
The reclaim floors utilize a heavy-duty screw to return the abrasive to the seprator / classification systme. The standard screw is 9" in diameter, which consists of a 5" diameter schedule - 40 pipe wrapped with 1/4" thick flighting.

Conveyor Belt System

Conveyor Belt System
Like other media recovery system, rubber belt media conveying system is used to transport the abrasive/shot in during blasting operation in blast room system. The abrasive falling in the blast room during blasting operation gets conveyed for recycle by the belt conveyors fitted under the floor hoppers.



The doors are the main constituents f any blast room system. The doors can be of Hinge, Sliding, Collapsible, Folding, Motorized, with roop Opening types are being used as per the applicability for the blast room enclosures. ABRABLAST supplies these doors as per the requirement of the customer & maintain their operation safety & trouble free movements.

1. Hinge Type Door.
2. Pneumatic Door.
3. Motorized Horizontal Sliding Door.
4. "L" Shape Motorized Sliding Door.

Dust Collector Extractor Unit

Choice of the correct model of dust collector is integral to any closed environment blasting system. It is very essentail to remove dust and fine abrasive particles from the environment of the blast chamber to maintain the efficient operation.

The Dust collector are broadly classified into four types

1. Cyclone Type
2. Fabric Bag Type
3. Cartridge Filter Type
4. Pleated Bag Type

In operation, the exhauster fan on the clean air side of th ecollector draws dust laden air from the blast room through the fabular filter bags. Dust collects on the inner side fo the bags and when the exhauster fan is turned off the bag shaker mechanism reconditions the filters by shaking most of the caked dust from inside of the bags into a dust collecting hopper.

Pleated Bags (Latest Innovation in Filter Bag Technology)

High efficiencies upto 90.999% of 3 microns, and very easy release characterstics with a high tolerance to moisture and temperature. Latest design, the Pleated Bag, has been develped with the following advantages.

No Stee, top & bottom in polyrethane.
Low pressure drop because of surface filtration.
Very easy to install.
Very compact, 2-3 time greater filter area than traditional bags.
Low consumption of air (cleaning process)


The modular blast room is specially ventiated and illuminated for enclosed abrasive blasting, and is a full sealed, dust tight, all steel structure. The components are prefabricated for simple bolt-together erection, with little or not job site welding required. The ENCLOSURE stands by it's own structural support without coonections to the surrounding facilities. The size of the enclosure depends on
a) The size of the job
b) Number of operators
c) Adequate working space around the job.

It also influences size of the dust cllector and reclaimer installation costs.

Optional Equipments
Several additional equipments are available to increase efficiency of blast Blast Room System. A few are:

Work car or Trolley for Loading of Job.
Overhead Beam Or Crane.
More No. of Blast Nozzles To Increase Prouction Output.
Automatic Movement of Blast Nozzle or Job or Both (for Small Blast Room).
Vacuum Recovery Unit For Collection of Abrasive From Intricate Parts/Portion of The Job.

Work Car or Trolly

Work Car or Trolly

For conveying heavy & big components/job are loading & conveyed on trolley mounted turn table in blast rooms. ABRABLAST supplies many types of Turn Table & Trolleys for 1-100 Tons as per the requirement of customer.

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