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Dust collector

Industrial Dust collector are in mandatory requirement to meet the pollution control norms for keeping the environment eco-friendly. Dust collector seprates any metallic or other dust particles from the blasting / thermal spraying / painting / grinding / buffing & clean air is let out in the atmosphere.

Product ranges develped by 'ABRABLAT' are as follows and they are available in both standard as well as cutomize made requirements of the customers.

Cyclone Type Dust collector-Multi Clones !Fabric Bag Type Dust collector (Manual & Motorized Bag Shaking) Fabric Bag Cage Type PUlse Jet Dust Collector ! Cartridge Type Pulse Jet Dust Collector !Pleated Bag Type Pulse Jet Dust Collector ! Wet Scrubber (Horizontal & Vertical Weld Fume Dust Collector) ! Centrifugal Fans & Blowers ! Central Dust Collection System

Industries Served For Ventilation & Dust Collection

"ABRABLAT" Has Served in almost every industries till now and has created vast knowledge database on the bases of which "ABRABLAST" is providing the best solution to all customer :

Pipe Manufacturing
Iron / Steel
Glass Manufacturing
Solar Pannel Manufacturing
Diamond / Jewellary

Cyclone Dust Collector

A cyclone dust collector is to seprate any metallic or toher dust particles from the spraying / Blasting room and discharge clean air to the atmosphere. In this the suction created by exhaust Fan Causes the dust laden air to enter the Cyclone Dust Collector. In the cyclone the dust particles get seprated by a centrifugal act ion and get settled in a Dust Tray at the bottom of the cyclone. The dust free clean air escaped to the atmosphere through the Exhaust Fan. There by allowing dust to be collected in the dust tray. The collected dust in a dust tray at the bottom of the Cyclone Dust Collector is taken out manually, from time to time.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector

How it works

Dust laden air is drawn into dust collector through inlet due to suction created by exhaust fan and passes through fabric bags. Heavier dust particles fall into hopper due to loss of momentum. Finer dust gets deposited on inner surface of fabric bags and clean air passes across outer surface of filter bags and then exit into atmosphere through outlet. Bags are cleaned through motorised shaking arrangment. When motor is switched OFF, shaking cycle gets activated automatically and bags are shaken for preset timer. Dust released from filter bags slides downward into hopper for further collection into dustbin.

Special Features
Modular Design with no moving parts:
Low maintenance and replacement of fabric bags is easy and quick.

Fair Air to filter ratio:
Assures longer life of bags

Variety of fabric material:
Fabric bags are normally of cotton wovensatin cloth. However, other materials can be supplied to suit individual application.


Pleated Bag Dust Collector

How it Works

Dust laden air is drawn into dust collector through inlet due to suction created by exhaust fan and passes through pleated Bag elements. The abrasive resistant inlet promotoes dropping out high particulate, generates uniform air flow, thus increases filter life. The dust gets deposited on outer surface of Pleated Bag and clean air flows through the center passage of pleated Bag into clean air plenum. Clean air futher exit into atmosphere through outlet duct. Pleated Bag are periodically and automatically get cleaned through air purging. Sequence circuit activates solenoid valves for high pressure air purging of preselected Pleated Bag. Dust realesed from Pleated Bags slides downward into the hopper for further collection into the dustbin.

Special Features :
Fair Air to filter ratio:
Assures Longer Life of Cartridges

Variety of material:
Cartridges are normally of synthetic webbed material, However, other materials can be suppied to suit individual application.
Modular design with no moving parts.

Typical Application for ventialtion & Dust Collection

Shot Blasting Rooms
Metal and Powder Spraying Enclosures.
Plasma Spray Acoustic Chamber
Smoke and Welding Fume Extraction.
Wherever dust Extraction is a necessity.


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